‘The art of becoming a mathematician – creating passion for contextualised maths through real life problem solving’


We deliver a skills based curriculum, in which the basic skills and knowledge required to progress learning are of paramount importance and underpin all learning.

At Lime Tree we believe that to become true mathematicians children need to be actively involved in the process of mathematical enquiry. We seek to develop young mathematicians through a skills and application approach to maths, covering topics including: number, calculating, money and measure, shape, position and movement and information handling.

Providing a problem or challenge  presents children with numerous opportunities to discuss and learn, identifying the key terminology and mathematical concepts required in order to solve it. This learning process continues through teacher led skills whereby the children develop clearer knowledge and understanding throughout, in order to arm themselves with the skills required to complete the challenge successfully.

All children are immersed in hands on practical experiences in problem solving. They learn to ask questions, work collaboratively, apply basic skills and participate in real life projects,  improving ways of thinking mathematically from Early Years to Year 6.

We are developing a Mathematics Curriculum that delivers engaging, challenging and enjoyable activities based on recent research including the work of Guy Claxton’s ‘Learning Powered School’ and Jo Boaler’s, ‘Elephant in the Classroom’.